Privacy Policy

This privacy policy elucidates our operations, inclusive of your preferences, relating with assembly, usage, and confession of confident information, comprising your personal information, by the viaflash LLC (“viaflash”).

Contacting Us

For quarries related to your account or the method to contact customer service if you need any help, you can visit our online customer service at If you have any question specifically related to this privacy statement, or your personal information usage, cookies or related technologies, Kindly get in touch with our Privacy/ data protection support by email at:

Your data, including your personal information, is been controlled by viaflash LLC. Please note that if you need any assistance by contacting us, for better communication and safety purposes we may verify your details in order to take quick action against your request.

Accessing accounts and profiles

“Remember me on this device” function provides an easy login option on the website. The function makes use of technology permits us to access your account directly to help manage viaflash account without re-entering password.

To remove your viaflash account access, visit account section on your website and select sign out of all devices and follow the instructions.

If you share your account or provide access to others they can have access to your personal information, which may include some of your sensitive information.

Profiles encourage a personalized viafalsh experience for every user. Every viafalsh user can have accounts, can navigate and use, delete or edit profiles. This information should be clear to every person using your account (notice applied by privacy policy).

Your selections

Text messages and email. If you don’t wish to continue receiving text messages or emails, you can go to the “communication setting” in “account” section to unsubscribe. As an alternative, you can reply STOP via link in email (or as instructed) or text message.

Push Notifications. You can receive push notifications on your device as per your choice from visflash. You can use your device functionality to turn them off any time when you wish to.

WhatsApp When connecting when viaflash, you can permit WhatsApp messages if don’t want to receive any more use WhatsApp setting to block them.

Ads based on interest. Ads based on interest are online ads that are tailored based on your preference and online activity. For your preference about Viaflash ads based on interest, kindly refer to cookies and the internet advertising section (below).

Identifier Matched communications. We are allowed by some third-party apps and sites to grasp user attention with online promotions regarding our service by sending defensive identifier to the third party.

Viaflash may decide not to send promotional communication if a match is found.

User rights and information

You can have access to your personal information on request.

This can be done by accessing the “Account” section on our website, from where you can access your account information including your sensitive information.

In case of any query or request for any changes related to private practice, please contact us via customer support. We respond to every request we receive. Kindly refer to “your choice” section of privacy statement for information about your choice.

We hold the right to reject unreasonable requests, especially those which are impractical, non-technical, and expose us to any risk.


To safeguard your information we make use of practical sound, physical and secretarial measures.

Other platforms and applications

The viaflash service might be provided or make use of (like voice controls) under the operation of third party. We recommend you to read their distinct privacy statement, terms of use, and other information carefully. Also you may notice third-party apps interaction with viaflash.


Only adults 18 years or above can subscribe to viaflash. In certain authorities, the age limit may be different. Children under 18 years can only be involved, under parent or guardian supervision or observation.

Changes related to this privacy statement

This privacy statement will be updated from time to time as per legal, regulatory or operational requirements. A notice will be provided about any such changes (inclusive of effective date) as per agreement

Cookies and Internet Advertising

Cookies and other similar technologies are used by our service providers and us for several reasons. The use of cookies provides you ease of access. We also use them to know about users and resettable device identifiers.

Web beacons (can also be referred to as clear gifts or pixel tags) plays the role of conjunction with cookies. Our service providers and we may use them for comparable uses like cookies to improve our service. They also help us in discouraging fraud, impose terms of use and evaluate our service. We also make use of other technologies alike to cookies, for instance plugins and Brower storage.